Friday, May 1, 2009

That time of year again

Its a love hate relationship. I love to earn money, I hate getting up early. It's all par for the course when you work out of a truck. Well, part of the year anyway. It's the opening day of The Glenside Farmers Market tomorrow, bright and early. Only, the bright part will be flipping on the light switch in the bathroom at 5am, not the outdoors. I see that it is to rain all weekend and I'm sorry, but I'm pissed! I am so well prepared that I am practically gleaming. Sunday is the opening day of the farmers market at the Whole Foods in Jenkintown. Rain on Sunday too. Man I could use some serious cheering up, lol. I will be really hoping that the weatherman is wrong as usual, and sunshine, smailes and happiness will ensue. I think I will have to get on Etsy and wallow in my sorrow by doing some serioud shopping, it always seems to do the trick. I think I just talked myself into shopping.... Well, if you are in the area, and don't mind getting a bit moist outside, please stop by and visit us! We will be giving out samples of one of our new treats, Logans Bananaa Oatmeal Cookies while they last. We will have a tent, so at least you will have something to stand under!

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