Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Alright.... does anyone know where the snow I ordered is? I heard of a sighting in TEXAS of all silly places this morning.... TEXAS??? Thieves! I want snow and I want it now! This is the time of year I miss Idaho. It will be months before we get it here in eastern PA. So, I guess I will just look at my boots and go have a chat with the snow shovel in the shed. I will tell it that I'm sorry we can't spend more time together and that it shouldnt' be jealous of the ice scraper on the few days I will have to use it soon. I hope.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

sniff, sniff, is a that a SALE I smell?

Oh yes, that time of year again. Right now I have a cold so I'm not quite as ahead of the game as I would like, however, I love to throw a sale as much as I like to shop one! I'm giving all of my blog readers a spiffy heads up on the first sale for Black Friday.

My Black Friday sales run from 5am EST to 12am on Monday night, Cyber Monday. That's ALOT O SALES. We do hourly sales, sometimes two or three hours or overnight. Everything I have listed is a one on hand. Of course I have tons more than that, so if you see a flavor you want, but in a qty of more than one, just send me a convo and I will set up a listing for you.

Some sales for example may be buy x get y for free or free shipping or make your own sales, etc... We are trying to get our treats to all 50 states. I have a map with all the states we have currently shipped to marked. If you live in a state we haven't been in yet, you may get a great surprise if you order! We call this the map game and will be throwing this in as an hourly sale every so often.

Also, if you have stuck with me to this point in the post, super secret...make a purchase at any point in the sale and enter "luckyblog" you get an extra deal IN ADDITION to whatever sale is going on when you order! After you put in "luckyblog" enter either the word "Krozby" or "Maggie". If you choose Krozby, you get a free bag of Krozby's Apple Cinnamon Biscuits. If you enter Maggie, you get a free bag of Maggies Holiday Peanut Brindle. These are my two dogs so this is their contribution to the sale, lol They really wanted to help out...
Andy questions.... holla!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fall, it's what's for dessert

This time of year is always kind of bittersweet for me. Sad that summer is leaving, glad that the humidity is down... sorry to see my backyard dying a slow death, glad to be done with the weeding...
It's everywhere, in the air, in the soil, seen on people by the clothes they are wearing. I think I need a "happy" room. A small area that is eternally one season. Must put that on the hubby's to do list.
One plus is that I am kicking the business into the season with our fall selections. My kitchen smells soooo good right now! Just put Sadie's Pumpkin Patch treats back into rotation and man, do I want me some pumpkin pie! Definately a perk of the season.

Bring on the leaves! oh wait, then there is raking.... arg!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Time to get back in gear!

Well, as we all know, I have been er, a bit behind on the blog. This time of year is very busy and by the time I get to sit down to think I have no brain juice left. I was just given the inspiration, rewards! Am I money motivated? Oh yea! I am a huge fan of I was fortunate to come across them when I decided that with my background in the office supply business and with the proper equipment and quality supplies, I would have no problem doing all of my labeling and printing in house. Well, thankfully, by using, this has been way easier than running to the copy shop at all hours of the day (and night!) to print off a handful or ream of labels. They also have the biggest selection I have found anywhere. If you own a small business and have any interest in doing these tasks yourself, this is the way to go. Many of my customers comment on how good my packaging looks, or ask who does my printing. HA! it's just lil ole me.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cute as Hell

Stumbled across this website, last night. Quite cool! I uploaded our Maggie, check her out here: You can go and pick winners where they pit animal versus animal. In a cute way! Not like a mud pit or anything. No blood involved. Gonna upload the kitties later, as I have a feeling the farmers market may be a wash out so I will have unscheduled time on my hands later. NOT THAT I'M BEING NEGATIVE...mmhmm.

Friday, May 1, 2009

That time of year again

Its a love hate relationship. I love to earn money, I hate getting up early. It's all par for the course when you work out of a truck. Well, part of the year anyway. It's the opening day of The Glenside Farmers Market tomorrow, bright and early. Only, the bright part will be flipping on the light switch in the bathroom at 5am, not the outdoors. I see that it is to rain all weekend and I'm sorry, but I'm pissed! I am so well prepared that I am practically gleaming. Sunday is the opening day of the farmers market at the Whole Foods in Jenkintown. Rain on Sunday too. Man I could use some serious cheering up, lol. I will be really hoping that the weatherman is wrong as usual, and sunshine, smailes and happiness will ensue. I think I will have to get on Etsy and wallow in my sorrow by doing some serioud shopping, it always seems to do the trick. I think I just talked myself into shopping.... Well, if you are in the area, and don't mind getting a bit moist outside, please stop by and visit us! We will be giving out samples of one of our new treats, Logans Bananaa Oatmeal Cookies while they last. We will have a tent, so at least you will have something to stand under!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Off to the chambers I go....

Sigh, well, the law finally caught up with me. Thats right, Lucky Dog has jury duty tomorrow. Makes me wanna scream. It's not so much the part about shirking my "civic duty" as it is that I just don't have the time. We are gearing up for the farmers market season and time is of the essence. Gotta crank out those tasty dog treats! For those of you that are local, here is where you can find us.
Starting May 2nd we will be at the Glenside Farmers Market in Glenside, PA from 9am until 1pm. This market runs every Saturday, rain or shine until December. We will be there about every other week.

Starting May 3rd we will be at the farmers market the Whole Foods in Jenkintown, PA from 10am until 2pm. This market runs every Sunday rain or shine through September. We should be there every Sunday except the last Sunday of every month.

Starting June 6 you can find us at the North Hills Farmers Market in North Hills, PA from 10am until 2pm. This market runs every Saturday rain or shine through September. We will be there every Saturday except the last Saturday of every month.

So stop by and say hi, and please feel free to bring your pooch along as these are all outdoor markets and we just might have some samples for them!

Don't forget: if you are a visitor to the Glenside market and you haven't already, sign up for our Frequent Treaters Club. Membership is free, we keep hold of the card for you and you get points with every purchase towards free items! This is only available at the Glenside Market!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's Finally Here!

Well, after long, hot hours of work, taxes, testing and tantrums, it's finally here: our first year in business! Thanks go out to all who have supported us locally, as well as our new etsy shop. In honor of this great occasion, and well, St. Patty's Day too, our entire shop is HALF OFF! Thats right, you heard it here, every item has been marked down to 50% off. Prices will be good until 12am the 18th. Discount does not apply to shipping. Also, make your dog a star! Place an order, and in notes to seller, leave us your pampered pooches name, and on the 18th we will draw a winner to have our next new treat named after your best buddy! We will announce the winner on our stores front page Wednesday morning. Enjoy!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I do believe I'm blushing...

Well, our new friends over at The Muddy Moose Bath Boutique has been so kind as to feature us on their blog today! What wonderful, sweet words she had to say! Thanks so much, it is highly appreciated. I met Muddy online on Etsy and in turn am in love her products as well. I will be placing a huge order soon! Her items are clean, pure and unique. Her home state is where I am currently, and my home state is right next to where she is now, on opposite sides of the country! She has recently adopted a new dog, and as you can see from her pics, is quite a beauty! Please stop by her etsy shop and take a peek, you will be hooked!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I really need to stay up to date...

Well, I have been busy lately, as you all can tell by my total attention to the blog... We are in the beginning of our month long sale. Our one year anniversay in business is March 17, St. Patricks Day! We have many items currently at half price. We will be sending out special goodies with every order, and on our big day, a HUGE sale in our Etsy store that you won't want to miss! Can't let the dog outta the bag yet, but it will be great!
Wanna make your dog famous? Well, ok, maybe just a little more recognized... Make any size purchase from our shop on the 17th, include your dogs name in the notes to seller and on the 18th we will pick one lucky winner to have our next new treat named after them! We will announce the winner on the 18th on the front page of our shop.
What's coming up next? We have three new treats out being tested currently and as soon as the nutritionals are back, keep an eye out for:
Missy's Fruit Snacks: a fun shaped blend of organic blueberries and organic peaches
Piper's PB Oaties: boy do dogs loooove the peanut butter! these also include oat bran for that extra ooomph
Logan's Banana Oatmeal Cookies: the name speaks for itself. I won't tell if you try one.
We will have many more new flavors in the coming months, please check back!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's gonna be a big one!

Well, it's hard to believe, but next month will be Lucky Dog Treat Company's first anniversary in business! We opened for business on St. Patty's Day last year and it has been a blur of baking, biscuits, licks and kisses ever since. We have only been on Etsy since October of last year, but have been overwhelmed with the support and business we have received from the Etsy community. We will be having a month long celebration with tons of sales, giveaways, games and prizes! Please come join us for the fun and please let us know if there is any way we can improve our service to you in the next year! Here's to a lucky year for us and the rest of our etsy friends!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

shout out to Wickedly Chic!

The word is getting around, and today it has found it's way to Wickedly Chic! An awesome website featuring all kinds of lovely, tasty, scented, you name it, indie and handmade items! The peeps really know how to pick em! I went through their entire website the other day, and was astounded. I thought I was pretty hip to new and interesting shops, but I was way wrong. They are also very supportive of etsy, which I love! Team EEAT is also running advertising on this site, there is a link to the Team EEAT website on the right, down towards the bottom. I highly recommend checking out And many thanks to them for featuring me!

Monday, January 26, 2009

It's like scratch and sniff, only you can't smell it, or uh, taste it.

Remember our Bake Sale? It's on January 28th at 8pm EST. Come meet us in Etsy's virtual labs for fun and games!

Now, announcing our GIVEAWAY!
2 grand prizes, worth over $100 will be given away!
2 runner ups will receive a prize worth $20!
Prizes will arrive to you just in time for Valentines day!

Team EEAT Blog:

How to enter:
1. Leave a comment on our blog = 1 entry
2. Post on your blog about the Bake Sale and link to our blog = 2 entries
3. Purchase from any participating EEAT shop from Jan. 19 to the 31st = 2 entries per item purchased! (Plus the benefit of giving your tastebuds a party!)

Let's get it started! Good luck!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Middle of the week blues

Wednesday has historically been a day of blah for me. Not sure what to do for the weekend yet, is it too late to start a new project with any amount of energy involved? This time of the year is particularly hard for me as well being that I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, I just pretty much wanna sleep all day. However, today I'm kinda inspired. I actually got up at 5am, a new record for me in January I think... A friend of mine is taking me to a book group with her, down in the city. It should be sunny today so I think some fresh air and natural light will do me some good. Made up a batch of dog soap yesterday, which I had been putting off since before the holidays, and am feeling good about that too. Although I'm not sure I like how the soap came out, will have a better idea when I cut it later on today. This is the first time I have made a rebatch from a cold process base. I purchased it from Pudleduk Farms on Etsy, and they seem like a great bunch of folks. It came with easy to follow instuctions. I'm just not sure on the consistency. I will have to read up on it. Would be great to see an actual video of someone doing it. I learn much more easily if I can follow along. Hopefully it comes out to my liking so I can list it, as my "Clean Dog" Etsy section is a bit sparse. Gotta keep those puppehs clean!

Friday, January 16, 2009


Team EEAT presents our Virtual Valentine's Bake Sale! Held on January, 28th, 2009 in Esty's Virtual Labs at 8pm EST!Come see our team members present their beautiful work. There will be great contests, sales, and amazing giveaways! Start shopping early by searching for "team eeat"!
Why should I come? Trivia Questions! Answer a Valentines day trivia question, and win a $5 gift credit in a Team members shop!Giveaway! We will be giving away a grand prize worth over $100! Plus, 2 prizes worth $20 each! Prizes will be delivered just in time for Valentines Day!Blog post coming soon on ways to enter!Get your Valentines Day shopping done early!Sales offered:
" a >JustBakin?<>FREE Chocolate Cookies with every order. " a >LuckyDogTreatCompany<>FREE bag of treats of Lucky's choice with any sized order!DoubleDippedSweetsBuy one get one 50% off!Equal or lesser value applies; full shipping charges incurred." a >SweetTreatMaryann<>FREE Chocolate Covered Grahams (3) with a purchase of any sizeASugarAffair1/2 dozen chocolate covered oreos with with each product bought" a >athyme2bcomforted<>BOGO half off of equal or lesser value" a >DelectableDelights<>For the Love of Chocolate25% off all chocolate covered items10% off everything else" a >LittleSnowflakes<>3 FREE Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles with Each Order**Order is refers to a completed Credit Card TransactionCiaoHound20% off your purchase, before shipping!free priority shipping for orders over $15" a >CakesbySugarPlums<>2 FREE Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes with any purchaseStay tuned for more great sales!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Woot! woof on the blog

Well, due to all of the adoring fans that have clamored for me to start blogging, I'm finally here for all of your blogging needs. I think I drifted into dream land for a moment there... I can't promise a daily post, rich and gooey with fatty and lucious content, but I will try to keep you all up to date with news of the biz, and the minor fragments of my day to day schhhttuuufffff.