Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Here we are again

We stand here with our head in our hands, or is it paws? We have been bad, bad bloggers. But with this post comes a bit of redemption as we bring you good news and good deals! We are feeling a bit old, three years old to be exact! Tomorrow, St Patricks Day, is our official third anniversary. We are glad to still be around and baking up the dog biscuits. Red dog and white dog will be busy packaging up orders and the fur will be flying! Dont forget, we ship anywhere in the world and love to ship items as gifts.

Visit our shop, From midnight tonight until midnight tomorrow, our entire store is HALF PRICE! Yep, thats everything, every last kibble and bar of soap. This is a great time to stock up on your favorites or to try something new. If you would like mutliples of anything, just send me a message and we can put up a special listing for you or send you an invoice for the whole order.

It is cloudy and rainy outside but we are toasty warm inside today bustling about the ovens stocking up.

If there is a flavor you dont see or ingredients of special concern in your dogs diet that you would like, please let us know. We are always looking for new things to add to our menu.


Thursday, July 22, 2010


Lucky Dog spends alot of time selling at local farmers markets, pet events, pet rescue events and even Irish Festivals. So where do you get your treats after the market season is over? Well, we do have our website, And now, if you are local you can also pick up our treats at Sweet Magnolia in Glenside, PA! We are very happy to have met Maureen, the lovely owner of this eclectic shop offering great items for home and gifting. Please stop by and check out her store at 117 South Easton Road in Glenside. If you are a patron of the Glenside Farmers Market, she is less than a block away!
We will also be featured at Sweet Magnolia as part of Glensides First Friday in August, themed, the "Dog Days of Summer". Appropriate, no? Please stop by to meet us and grab a sample treat for your pet!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dear Blog....

How sorry I am that I have abandoned you... I do miss you but haven't had the motivation to add content. Ok, now that I have made amends, on with the blogging!

Here at Lucky Dog we are revving our engines and firing up the ovens because it's almost that time again.... Our ANNIVERSARY! which is a good thing for all: for us because is means that we are still blessed to be in business in these times and for YOU because it is almost time for our big sale!

Having an anniversary on St Patty's Day is alot of fun! It keeps me busy in a time where cabin fever is about to devour me, so it is very much needed. Kind of a post holidays wake up and I think alot of people need that! Leave it to the Irish to be there in the nick of time. As many of you know our anniversary sale is our biggest and best sale of the year. We cut our online prices to HALF and throw in many surprises as well! You don't want to miss this, especially if there are some flavors you have been wanting to try but find it hard to stray from the ones you KNOW you dog likes. Remember, we always throw in free samples with our orders!

In the coming months, um, two to be exact, we will be hitting the streets again. Farmers markets and festivals galore. We will be listing here, weekly, where you can find us if you are in the vicinity. This year we are adding alot of new venues and hopefully more full time retail locations to our list of places to be found. MORE fundraising events (for needy animals!) MORE farmers markets and ....... several Irish Festivals! If you have never been to one, GO! Even if you aren't Irish, they are a blast, and the music simply cant be beat!

So, check out our sale at on March 17th. And as usual, if you have any requests on flavors we don't currently carry, please let us know! We are constantly adding new items to our menu.

On a personal note: The main miss Lucky has recently switched her vegetarian way of eating to a vegan one. So if you have any tasty recipes along the vegan lines, please feel free to share them!

Time to bake the biscuits....

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Alright.... does anyone know where the snow I ordered is? I heard of a sighting in TEXAS of all silly places this morning.... TEXAS??? Thieves! I want snow and I want it now! This is the time of year I miss Idaho. It will be months before we get it here in eastern PA. So, I guess I will just look at my boots and go have a chat with the snow shovel in the shed. I will tell it that I'm sorry we can't spend more time together and that it shouldnt' be jealous of the ice scraper on the few days I will have to use it soon. I hope.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

sniff, sniff, is a that a SALE I smell?

Oh yes, that time of year again. Right now I have a cold so I'm not quite as ahead of the game as I would like, however, I love to throw a sale as much as I like to shop one! I'm giving all of my blog readers a spiffy heads up on the first sale for Black Friday.

My Black Friday sales run from 5am EST to 12am on Monday night, Cyber Monday. That's ALOT O SALES. We do hourly sales, sometimes two or three hours or overnight. Everything I have listed is a one on hand. Of course I have tons more than that, so if you see a flavor you want, but in a qty of more than one, just send me a convo and I will set up a listing for you.

Some sales for example may be buy x get y for free or free shipping or make your own sales, etc... We are trying to get our treats to all 50 states. I have a map with all the states we have currently shipped to marked. If you live in a state we haven't been in yet, you may get a great surprise if you order! We call this the map game and will be throwing this in as an hourly sale every so often.

Also, if you have stuck with me to this point in the post, super secret...make a purchase at any point in the sale and enter "luckyblog" you get an extra deal IN ADDITION to whatever sale is going on when you order! After you put in "luckyblog" enter either the word "Krozby" or "Maggie". If you choose Krozby, you get a free bag of Krozby's Apple Cinnamon Biscuits. If you enter Maggie, you get a free bag of Maggies Holiday Peanut Brindle. These are my two dogs so this is their contribution to the sale, lol They really wanted to help out...
Andy questions.... holla!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fall, it's what's for dessert

This time of year is always kind of bittersweet for me. Sad that summer is leaving, glad that the humidity is down... sorry to see my backyard dying a slow death, glad to be done with the weeding...
It's everywhere, in the air, in the soil, seen on people by the clothes they are wearing. I think I need a "happy" room. A small area that is eternally one season. Must put that on the hubby's to do list.
One plus is that I am kicking the business into the season with our fall selections. My kitchen smells soooo good right now! Just put Sadie's Pumpkin Patch treats back into rotation and man, do I want me some pumpkin pie! Definately a perk of the season.

Bring on the leaves! oh wait, then there is raking.... arg!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Time to get back in gear!

Well, as we all know, I have been er, a bit behind on the blog. This time of year is very busy and by the time I get to sit down to think I have no brain juice left. I was just given the inspiration, rewards! Am I money motivated? Oh yea! I am a huge fan of I was fortunate to come across them when I decided that with my background in the office supply business and with the proper equipment and quality supplies, I would have no problem doing all of my labeling and printing in house. Well, thankfully, by using, this has been way easier than running to the copy shop at all hours of the day (and night!) to print off a handful or ream of labels. They also have the biggest selection I have found anywhere. If you own a small business and have any interest in doing these tasks yourself, this is the way to go. Many of my customers comment on how good my packaging looks, or ask who does my printing. HA! it's just lil ole me.