Tuesday, November 24, 2009

sniff, sniff, is a that a SALE I smell?

Oh yes, that time of year again. Right now I have a cold so I'm not quite as ahead of the game as I would like, however, I love to throw a sale as much as I like to shop one! I'm giving all of my blog readers a spiffy heads up on the first sale for Black Friday.

My Black Friday sales run from 5am EST to 12am on Monday night, Cyber Monday. That's ALOT O SALES. We do hourly sales, sometimes two or three hours or overnight. Everything I have listed is a one on hand. Of course I have tons more than that, so if you see a flavor you want, but in a qty of more than one, just send me a convo and I will set up a listing for you.

Some sales for example may be buy x get y for free or free shipping or make your own sales, etc... We are trying to get our treats to all 50 states. I have a map with all the states we have currently shipped to marked. If you live in a state we haven't been in yet, you may get a great surprise if you order! We call this the map game and will be throwing this in as an hourly sale every so often.

Also, if you have stuck with me to this point in the post, super secret...make a purchase at any point in the sale and enter "luckyblog" you get an extra deal IN ADDITION to whatever sale is going on when you order! After you put in "luckyblog" enter either the word "Krozby" or "Maggie". If you choose Krozby, you get a free bag of Krozby's Apple Cinnamon Biscuits. If you enter Maggie, you get a free bag of Maggies Holiday Peanut Brindle. These are my two dogs so this is their contribution to the sale, lol They really wanted to help out...
Andy questions.... holla!

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