Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dear Blog....

How sorry I am that I have abandoned you... I do miss you but haven't had the motivation to add content. Ok, now that I have made amends, on with the blogging!

Here at Lucky Dog we are revving our engines and firing up the ovens because it's almost that time again.... Our ANNIVERSARY! which is a good thing for all: for us because is means that we are still blessed to be in business in these times and for YOU because it is almost time for our big sale!

Having an anniversary on St Patty's Day is alot of fun! It keeps me busy in a time where cabin fever is about to devour me, so it is very much needed. Kind of a post holidays wake up and I think alot of people need that! Leave it to the Irish to be there in the nick of time. As many of you know our anniversary sale is our biggest and best sale of the year. We cut our online prices to HALF and throw in many surprises as well! You don't want to miss this, especially if there are some flavors you have been wanting to try but find it hard to stray from the ones you KNOW you dog likes. Remember, we always throw in free samples with our orders!

In the coming months, um, two to be exact, we will be hitting the streets again. Farmers markets and festivals galore. We will be listing here, weekly, where you can find us if you are in the vicinity. This year we are adding alot of new venues and hopefully more full time retail locations to our list of places to be found. MORE fundraising events (for needy animals!) MORE farmers markets and ....... several Irish Festivals! If you have never been to one, GO! Even if you aren't Irish, they are a blast, and the music simply cant be beat!

So, check out our sale at on March 17th. And as usual, if you have any requests on flavors we don't currently carry, please let us know! We are constantly adding new items to our menu.

On a personal note: The main miss Lucky has recently switched her vegetarian way of eating to a vegan one. So if you have any tasty recipes along the vegan lines, please feel free to share them!

Time to bake the biscuits....

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